Research Group of Prof. Dujin Wang

—— polymer morphology and processing group


Prof. Dr. Dong, Xia

Professional Preparation

1998 - 2001Ph.D. in textile material, Dong Hua University, Shanghai, China

1995 - 1998M.S. in textile material, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an, China

1991 - 1995BS. in textile engineering, Qingdao University, Qingdao, China


2014 - PresentFull Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2003 - 2014Associate Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009 - 2010  Advanced Visiting Scholar, University of Akron, USA

2001 - 2003Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research interesting

1.Microstructure control and performance enhancement of polymeric materials

2.Molecule design and preparation of new thermoplastic elastomers

3.R&D of high performance polymeric composites


More than 100 scientific papers published in archived journals and books and 22 Chinese Patents.

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